Independent rear suspension system

Big Block Chevy engines RPO codes - Do you know what a L-88 really means?

Basic Big Block Specifications - All specs for Big Bock

Chevy Engine General Specs & Clearaces - General Small & Big Block Specifications

Bowtie Blocks - Quick Facts & References

Engine Bolt Torque - Makes your job easier

What engineblock you have by casting number  - Complete list of Chevy engines. BB & SB
Decoding your Chevy engine - Find out where all codes and cast numbers are located
Calculate the Cubic Inch of your engine
What cylinder heads do you have by casting number
Complete list of Chevy Small Block & Big Block engines.
Chevy Small Block Valve Specifications
Spark plug conversion table
What Intake Manifold you have by casting number
Complete list of Small- & Big block Chevy intake manifolds by cast #, CID, Vehicle and more 

SmallBlock Vibration Dampers
Chevy Starters
Bigblock & Smallblock Flywheels & Flexplates

What crankshaft do you have by casting number - Small block & Big Block
Make sure you get the right crankshaft when restoring your engine
Chevy Engine Stroker List - Find the right stroke for your engine
Check out our list of popular Holley carbs. Will be updated soon.
Headlight and Wiper vacuum diagram (PDF-file)
Change your leaking hoses in a simple way with this diagram.

Technical Specifications by Year for Engine, Transmission and Rear Axle
Make sure you know your Vettes configuration.
Corvette Wheel Alignment - Make sure your front and rear are correct

Manual transmission gear ration
All info for your gear ratio calculation
Exhaust Manifold Casting Number
Get the original exhaust manifold in your restoration
Engine Math
Do some calculation on your engine size or how big carb you need.
Inch to millimeter Conversion

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