Part # Comments
1108789 Gets a heavy-duty conventional starter for use with 12 3/4" flywheel or flexplate
1108400 A conventional size, heavy-duty starter for 14" ring gear
10455709 This is used with a 6-speed manual transmission and flywheel PN-10174482
10496870 This is a remanufactured starter for heavy-duty use with 12 3/4" OD ring gears
1876552 This is a heavy-duty starter for 14" OD ring gears
12361146 This is a Bowtie high-torque, gear reduction, mini-starter. It weighs one-half, 10.5 punds, that of a conventional starter. It will fit either 14" or 12 3/4" OD ring gears. It will provide more clearance for tube headers and oil pans because of its smaller size.
12363128 This is a chroomed, high-torque, mini-starter and will fit both 12 3/4" and 14" flexplates or flywheels.
10455702 This is another high-torque, gear reduction, mini-starter, originally used on 1988 smallblock Corvettes. It weighs 10.14 pounds but only fits 12 3/4" OD ring gears.

Tommy Ledberg