Chevy Bowtie blocks have many extra features when compared to production blocks.
If you are building a High Performance or Racing engine, this is what you will find:

  • Short or tall decks
  • Siamesed cylinder bores
  • Four bolt main caps, straight or splayed
  • Thicker cylinder barrels
  • Reinforced cylinder barrels, main bearing bolt bosses, deck surface
  • Thicker deck surface
  • Fully machined main bearing bulkheads
  • Provision for oil coolers
  • Redesigned water jackets to allow grinding for long stroke cranks
  • Bores possible from 4.250" to 4.600"
  • Strokes possible from 3.600" to 4.600"
  • "Blind" cylinder head bolt holes
  • Additional cylinder head bolt bosses in the lifter valley on Gen. V CNC "Race Prepared" Bowtie blocks
  • Cast Iron block weighs between 269 - 272 lbs
  • Blueprinted CNC machining on Gen. V Race Prepared Bowtie blocks
  • Water jacket holes in deck surface will seal with Mark IV heads
  • Better uniform cylinder cooling
  • Redesigned oil passages in the Gen V Bowtie blocks
  • Provisions for dry sump oiling on Gen V CNC Race Prepared blocks
  • Larger valve lifter bosses in Gen V Bowtie block

Tommy Ledberg