Shake it Easy

Robban Aftén, Mr Corvette, has done it again!

We are proud to present, for the first time in the world, the worlds FIRST Corvette C5 Sport Wagon, built by Mr Corvette, Robban Aftén from Stockholm, Sweden.

The car is a black beauty from 2000 and its not the first time Robban is building a Sport Wagon from a Corvette.

Scroll down and check out just a few of Robbans former customizations, including the first Sport Wagon he built, a car that were reviewed in Vette Magazine in USA.

Shake it Easy

Robban Afténs 4-hjulsdrivna Corvette
Corvette C6 Z06-R av Aftén
Robbans grymt läckra 1967 Sting Ray Coupe. 327 SB 350 hästar och 4 on the floor
Ett nytt projekt av Robban Aftén. En 1979 Grand Am som kommer bli nåt extra
Vad var det jag sa?
Above is Robbans new great looking Race car.
Above: Ford 46 Business Coupe - 454 SS Pick Up - Corvette C5 Sport Wagon
Above: C4 1989 - C5 body Special. HT + Convertible. Hi Perf 350, 350 Aut, original ZR1 rims. Full leather
Above: C4-C5 1993. LT1 ALU. All options
Above: C4 1988 4X4 wheel drive. 350 CU IN V8
Legenden Robban Aftén & Legend George Barris. George Barris till höger
En av Robbans berömda Corvetter
Och nedanför ser vi orginalet av 1977 Coupen ovanför
The Worlds first Corvette Sport Wagon C5. Body by Robban Aftén
Robbans Race Corvette with tube chassie
Robbans pricewinning Stingray. Body by Aftén
Robbans first Sport Wagon, based on a C3 1969. This car was in Vette Magazine.
Another wonderful 66 Corvette Custom. Check out the very cool hard top

Tommy Ledberg